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Rubbing Elbows with the Celebs, Charisse Tinio of Nice Print  Photo Tells Us What It's Like!

We get kilig and starstruck every time we see our favorite celebrities on tv or when we see them in a mall or grocery, etc…but don’t you ever wonder what it’s really like to walk, chitchat, and party amongst them?

The confidante and photographer of the celebrities swears that once you get to know them, they are really just like any of us mere mortals…who are fond of and dream of the same things as we do.

Let’s find out more…with this tete-a-tete with this uber busy (but enviable much!) lady:

1. Were you into celebs when you were younger? Like did you go to taping shoots, meet and greets, etc...who were your favorites back then

I've always been fascinated with celebrities. Growing up, I'd see movie fan magazines lying around the house all the time because my mom simply loved Showbiz news. Then when I was in my early teens, my mom became really close with mega star Sharon Cuneta (who later on became my Ninang in my wedding), and I'll be surrounded all the time with celebrities during our parties or when we watch concerts of Sharon. 


2. Who were your first celeb clients?

First ones were Ogie Alcasid and Regine Velasquez, introduced to me by my good friend Claudine Barretto. 

From that wedding, I met Kyla and Rich Alvarez who were present at the wedding of Ogie and Regine. 

I also got to cover the wedding of John Estrada and Priscilla Meirelles. Then I covered the highly talked about Zoren Legaspi and Carmina Villaroel wedding whom I met through talent manager Shirley Kuan :):) 


3. Describe your feeling and the scensrio during your first meetings with your first celeb clients, Ogie & Regine

Oh it was very nerve wracking. I was very nervous. Especially the very first time I presented to Ogie and Regine.  But, they were very, very nice and accommodating. I remember that just a few minutes after the meeting started, I was already at ease. 


4. Do you keep track of how many celeb weddings debuts, bdays you already catered to so far?

I have an idea but not counting how many exactly. It's quite a lot since 2010. 


5. Do you still get starstruck when you meet celebs?

Not really :) overtime, I see them as real normal people not the celebrity status anymore. Like any of us, they are normal girls and boys who are fond of the same things and dreams of same things like any of us :) 


6. How does it feel to be the confidante of the stars or of the fiance of the stars?

I feel very privileged and honored each time I get entrusted with their life's most special events :)

Being one of the first to know about their most social occasions, sometimes even earlier than the celebs themselves, e.g. surprise wedding of Zoren Carmina, proposals of Chito Miranda, Neri Naig / John Prats and Isabel Oli / Paul Jake Castillo and Kaye Abad / Vj Yambao and Camille Prats , surprise bday parties of Daniel Padilla and Maine Yaya dub Mendoza, I really feel honored to be trusted with such important events in their lives.


7. Most of the celebs you covered for their wedding are still actually your clients, now, right? And have actually become your friends. Can you name some  of them?

Yes, most of them actually! From their prenup to their wedding, to their maternity shoot and first infant shoot of their baby up to their child's christening and bdays. 

Some of them are John & Priscilla Estrada and Anechka, Patrick & Nikka Garcia and kids, Ogie & Regine Alcasid and Nate, John & Isabel Prats and Feather, Dingdong & Marian Dantes and Zia, and many more 

Of course, we are so happy because them getting us again for their other important occasions prove they were happy with our services during their wedding.


8.  What do you think is your asset why celebs get you, which you can also assure non celeb clients to get if they choose NP?


That we give our best service. That we have integrity and credibility that's why we lasted this long in this business. That we keep our word and promise to all our clients. That we give personalized service in all that we do, putting much love and care in what we do. I guess clients see and feel that. 


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