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Best Places For A Unique Honeymoon in Northern Ethiopia

Best Places For A Unique Honeymoon in Northern Ethiopia

Best Places For A Unique Honeymoon in Northern Ethiopia


By Apple Bruselas



Semien Mountains, Ethiopia


Take your prenup shoot or honeymoon to the next level with untapped wonders of the beautiful country of Ethiopia. One of only two African countries which were never colonized by a European power (only briefly occupied under Mussolini’s Italy for five years during the 19th Century “Scramble for Africa”) and one of Africa’s oldest independent countries with 9 UNESCO World Heritage sites (the most of all African countries), you can expect nothing short of amazing for your trip.


In cooperation with Ethiopian Airlines, Smart Shot Studio and other friends from the showbiz and wedding industries, The Wedding Library did its photo shoot for marketing materials for The Wedding Library’s Weddings & Debuts Bridal Fair 2018 entirely in culture rich, magnificent Ethiopia.  The Wedding Library’s Weddings & Debuts  Bridal Fair 2018 will be held at the Megatrade Halls 1, 2, & 3, SM Megamall on February 16, 17, & 18, 2018.



Cultural Welcome.jpg

The Very Warm Cultural Welcome Which Awaited Us


During the Ethiopian trip, we were able to explore Northern Ethiopia’s vast unmatched beauty to be able to round-up our top picks of places perfect for your prenuptial shoot or honeymoon!


EA Inside Plane with Crew.jpg


Ethiopian Airlines         





Gondar Castle.jpg



Home to Ethiopia’s emperors of olden times beginning with Emperor Fasilides in the 17th century, we were surrounded by its grandeur of Moorish and European influences, nothing short of an authentic Game of Thrones set.


To mark the Epiphany, the former baths of the castle are filled up during the Timkat Festival.








Semien Mountains - Baboons.jpg



An UNESCO’s World Heritage site, the Simien Mountains is a breathtaking landscape which is the result of massive erosions over the years. Along with a one of a kind view, you’ll also witness extremely rare species only be found in its vast lands.  Animals like the Walia Ibex (goats with large smooth horns with fine ridges), Ethiopian wolf (rare and endangered with its rustic orange and hints of white coloured fur), and the Gelada Baboon (the last known surviving ancient grazing primate distinguished by their red marking on its chest, also called the bleeding-heart baboon) are just some of those you may encounter here.


Now with ongoing efforts for more sustainability, the African Wildlife Foundation with the Ethiopian Wildlife Conservation Authority has created more trekking paths at Simien Mountains to prevent overuse of the land; this also means that you’ll be able to have access to more breathtaking views! They’ve also helped establish eco-lodges (you can definitely have breakfast SURROUNDED by the view, it’s really one for the books!)


For our group, we enjoyed Simien Lodge, located at the highest peak in all of Africa.  Experienced very cold temperature here (less than 5 degrees at night time!) during our stay (yes, there are surprisingly very cold portions in Africa!) and very friendly and accommodating Simien Lodge staff.



Simien Lodge





Church of St. George (Bet Giorgis)


Lalibela - Church of St.George.jpg



Another UNESCO World Heritage Site, Lalibela is home to the mysterious and at the same time magnificent rock-hewn monolithic churches. Construction of the churches is as mysterious as that of England’s Stonehenge with materials of the church not known to be found anywhere near the area and legend claiming that it took 24 years to build.   Archaeologists disagree though,  as they argue that even with today’s technology, it would take longer. Known as “The New Jerusalem”, it truly is a site to behold.   We can not help but be completely awed by the experience.




Ben Abeba.jpg



A trip is never complete without experiencing the cuisine.  Ben Abeba, a must see in Lalibela does more. It satisfies both the palate and the eyes, what with both the spectacular architecture and stunning view and the authentic Ethiopian food it serves. They even have three dining areas to choose from (Chui Amba — international and traditional Ethiopian food, indoor but with a view nonetheless, Terrara Terrace — mostly grilled food with fresh juices and Ethiopian coffee, Zaff Tree Terrace — On top of trees with a breathtaking 360 degree view).


The Wedding Library group was even privileged to meet one of the two owners, Scottish Susan Aitchison, who was very accommodating and who took time to warmly chat with our group.



Booking that trip to Ethiopia is now easier than ever with Ethiopian Airlines!

Ethiopian Airlines can take you to over 56 African cities with flights to and from Manila to Addis Ababa four times a week! Ethiopian Airlines also flies to numerous countries all over the world! You can follow their Facebook page, or call them at (02) 848 0978 for inquiries.



Catch Ethiopian Airlines’ very special promos at The Wedding Library’s Weddings & Debuts Bridal Fair happening on February 16, 17, and 18 at SM Megamall, Megatrade Halls 1, 2, and 3. Doors open at 10 AM until 9 PM.

For FREE Entrance to The Wedding Library’s Weddings & Debuts Bridal Fair 2018, simply register at or text your full name to 0917 887 7248. For more details and updates, follow @theweddinglibraryph Instagram and on Facebook.