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Make Your Skin Love You on Your Wedding Day!

Make Your Skin Love You on Your Wedding Day!


Make Your Skin Love You on Your Wedding Day!

By: Godfreyna Canja 


source| Unsplash


Having your wedding day in a few months or weeks? You know you can’t show up on your big day with a zit on your face! Although us ladies usually have a skin care routine we follow religiously so that we have a clear and smooth skin all the time, your skin should have a special bridal glow on your special day. Here’s how you can take your skin care up a notch before walking down the aisle!


Get professional facials


This may cause a little extra money on you, but it’s your wedding day! You deserve extra pampering. Scheduling an appointment regularly would refresh your skin and can get the dirt out of your face completely.


Source| Pexels


Eat Healthy


Yes! This is also a way you can start on that wedding diet you’re eventually going to do. Eat more fruits and vegetables that’s good for your skin. Avocados contain healthy fats to keep your skin flexible and moisturized, they also contain vitamin E and contain compounds that protect skin from sun damage, Sweet potatoes also have this natural sun protection for your skin. Broccolis are full of vitamins and minerals that keep the skin healthy, they contain lutein that keeps the skin form being dry and wrinkled. Avoid eating fatty and oily food, junk food will only make your skin dry and oily, not to mention the cholesterol and unnecessary amounts of carbs from them. So skip the fast food and junk food before your wedding day, ok?


source| Pixabay



Drink lots and lots of water. You may have heard the powers of drinking plenty of water for the body, and no one can disagree on that. Drinking lots of plenty of water will flush out toxins from your body and keeps your skin hydrated.


source| Pixabay



Cleansing your face is a must, although excessive face cleansing would just increase oiliness in your face. Make sure that you don’t exfoliate every day, exfoliating should be done not more than twice a month, excessive exfoliating may irritate your skin and cause it to become oilier and redden.  Also invest in a good facial cleanser, one that is alcohol free and mild.


source| Unsplash

Use sun protection


Always use sunscreen when going out, even when it isn’t too sunny. In the Philippines where it almost always sunny. A layer of sun protection is always a good idea to protect your delicate skin from the harsh rays of the sun and harmful UV rays that cause skin discoloration and wrinkles. Keep yourself hydrated too when going out to ensure that your skin won’t dry out.


source| Unsplash

Use skin specific moisturizer


Check which type of moisturizer you really need for your skin. There are a lot of moisturizers out there and it can be confusing which to choose for you skin type. For oily skin type a hydrating moisturizer is enough, for acne prone or break out prone skin look for the noncomedogenic moisturizer and if you have sensitive skin go for a fragrance-free type.


source| Pixabay

Wash your hands


Yep, your hands go through a lot every day and you touch things that are filled with dirt and germs, so avoid touching your face as much as possible because dirt and germs cause break outs, always wash your hands with soap to get rid of those icky germs that might ruin your perfect face in your big day!



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