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Bachelorette Party? We say YAAAS! Here's Why! 

Bachelorette Party? We say YAAAS! Here's Why! 

Reasons Why You Should have a Bachelorette Party

By: Godfreyna Canja 



Take a Break from the Wedding Madness

Wedding planning can be tough and it’s good to take some time off it and relax. Bachelorette parties caters to the bride and you can plan it with your maid of honor and bridesmaids according to the things that you want to happen. It can be a good way to destress yourself from the months of wedding planning madness as you can sit back and let your maid of honor to handle the party.



Get Wild and have Fun


This depends on your personal preferences, some brides like their bachelorette parties wild and drunken, some like it mellow and simple. Although bachelorette parties are often viewed as the former, as they are often portrayed as such in most western movies, you shouldn’t shy away from having a totally fun and enjoyable bachelorette party with your besties.


Here you can have adult party games with your girlfriends that would surely give you all a good laugh and get a little kinky. Guests often gift the bride to be crazy gifts like vibrators, edible under wears, lingerie some maid of honors would even go an extra mile and hire a male stripper! Okay, maybe hiring a male stripper may seem a little overboard but hey ΜΆ it’s totally your call. *wink wink*


Source| pexel


Celebrate YOU

Bachelorette parties celebrate your girlhood and at the same time say goodbye to it. It is a fun way to give closure to your single life and move on to the married life. All brides deserve to be celebrated, the friendships they have and the life that they have lived before.


Now that you’ve got an idea what to plan for your bachelorette, it now time to gear up for your big day!

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