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Useful Rainy Wedding Day Hacks

Useful Rainy Wedding Day Hacks


Useful Rainy Wedding Day Hacks

By: Godfreyna Canja 


Having an unexpected downpour on your wedding can be quite stressful and hard to manage. It inconveniences everyone and can dampen the mood of your wedding when not properly handled. That’s why having a rain plan is a must--especially when you are having an outdoor wedding. However, don’t let the weather ruin your day, here are some helpful tips to embrace rain on your wedding day and be prepared for it.




Rain = Umbrellas, always. Get some cute umbrellas that your guests can use if there is a sudden shower on your wedding day. Brightly colored umbrellas may add a cute and fun vibe to your wedding photos, but I personally love the transparent umbrellas that creates a kind of classic and chic vibe. If you are going to have an outdoor ceremony, you can place the umbrellas under the chairs, so the guests can easily pick it up when rain starts to pour. Raincoats would also be a nice alternative for umbrellas and will equally be aesthetic.




2. Towels


Have some towels ready for the guests to dry themselves off. You can also add this as souvenirs for the guests, it can become a meaningful memento of your special day.




3. Tents


For your outdoor wedding, you can either set up a tent or a marquee to be 100% sure you aren’t going to get soaked. Tents are perfect for outdoor weddings and can offer shade from the rain, not to mention it adds to the relaxing and fresh vibe with the cold breeze and lush green. Sided tents would also keep strong winds from knocking down decorations.


Your attitude towards the situation is the most important thing to keep in mind, having a well thought out plan can keep you from being rattled during your wedding day. Keeping a light attitude and embracing the situation can make a rainy wedding a blast and extra memorable.




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