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Weddings and Doggos: Why You Should Consider having Your Doggo in your Entourage

Weddings and Doggos: Why You Should Consider having Your Doggo in your Entourage


Weddings and Doggos: Why You Should Consider having Your Doggo in your Entourage

By Godfreyna Canja 




Forget the title! Of course you’re going to include your furry best friends in your entourage! Who wouldn’t want their beloved pets on their wedding day, looking oh-so-adorable in a miniature tux or a cute little tutu?

And just imagine your goodest boy or girl marching up the aisle as a ring bearer or a flower girl, you won’t regret having them with you on your special day when you see their bright smile and  hear the pitter-patter of their paws, it’s just going to be too adorable.

I probably have you convinced at the mini tux and tutu already, I mean, who wouldn’t be? Pets in weddings ARE JUST TOO CUTE. Also your fur babies would be so happy with all the attention, head-pats and belly rubs they’d get from your guests, it would melt anyone’s heart.

Moving aside my pet-obsessive ramblings, there has been a rise to couples bringing their pet doggos at their wedding, and a lot of wedding venues have adjusted to this trend and made certain changes to their venue policies about bringing ones pets. They understand how important our pets are in these intimate events and it’s no question how we all have special bonds with our adorable doggos.




 For they have always been important to our relationships, especially for a couple. They were always there for you in the saddest moments of your life, not knowing why you’re sad, but somehow feels that you are and would curl up with you until you feel better. They were also with you during your happiest, they shared your excitement. They would bark and run around excitedly, even if they don’t know what is it your happy about, they’re just glad that they’re hooman is smiling and cheerful.

Your wedding day is one of the most special, most memorable day of your life and it would be extra special if you’re beloved doggo can be there for you again, sharing this new beginning with his human.

Besides, it’s just too sad to imagine your fur babies alone in your house while you celebrate this special day without them, it’s simply not going to be the same. Don’t worry they are  good dogs and they paw-romise they won’t do their shenanigans while walking down the aisle!

(But if i were you, i’d bring the pooper-scooper, just in case. *winks*)


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