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May Forever Nga: Couples and their moments that led to “forever”

May Forever Nga: Couples and their moments that led to “forever”


May Forever Nga: Couples and their moments that led to “forever”

By Gaile Carreon


There's a saying that nothing lasts forever. This was made even more popular in the Philippines in millennials' hugot culture. However, there might be more than a few exceptions. Have your doubts about forever? Here are some secrets behind long lasting relationships and stories full of romance and kilig by some of our favorite couples!


There's a popular superstition that says when a person gets too overcome with emotion because of another person, they will get sick right after. April and Ryan, a couple of 6 years, recall the memorable moment in their relationship when they met after a long time of not seeing each other. Ryan ended up getting sick after that meeting, and a herb doctor then said it was April who caused it! Despite that funny moment, Ryan says that meeting April was the moment he realized there was such a thing as forever. Find me a meet-cute that can beat this one, I dare you.


Now our next story is a classic romantic story. Sanjie believes he found his true forever when he met his fiancee, Shara. In their two years of being in a relationship, he never forgets to add a surprise every time there's a special occasion. A secret to long-lasting relationships is that you should always find ways to surprise your significant other. Now that's one way to keep on the road to forever!


Love comes easy when the person you love becomes your best friend. Miriam and Ryan is a couple that's been together for ten years. They knew it was the beginning of lasting love when there happened to be a second chance. They say the secret to their long relationship is just understanding and patience. Even couple for five years, Janine, and Joshua agrees with this. Janine and Joshua started out as friends with Janine approaching Joshua first at a party. She says that he waited long and hard for her and that's when she knew he was the one for her.


You know that it's true love when you put your best effort to see the person. Leah had her Valentine's Day truly special because of her fiance John Paul. Before the pair got together, the two had not seen each other for more than five years which was because John Paul had been working far from Manila. He then decided to make a surprise trip to see Leah. When the moment came to surprise her, she couldn't help but hug and kiss him. She finally decided to be his girlfriend on that day! John Paul says that Leah is his first and last love. They will never forget that moment in their lives as it led them to get married.


Now We don’t know about you but We definitely believe in forever now.

Need that little push to become a believer?


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