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May Forever: 3 Pre-wedding ideas that will get you started on your journey to Forever

May Forever: 3 Pre-wedding ideas that will get you started on your journey to Forever


May Forever: 3 Pre-wedding ideas that will get you started on your journey to Forever

By Gaile Carreon


           It's normal to get stressed on days before your wedding. Finalizing with suppliers and checking in with those you invited can take a lot of energy out of you and your groom. Not to mention the fact, that both of you have to prepare yourselves for the big day itself! It might be easy to get annoyed with each other when this happens. You both might need to de-stress and get some quiet alone time together. Find forever in each other again through these pre-wedding ideas.


1) Reminisce

Take a night off to see how far you've come as a couple. Share stories of how your lives and beliefs have changed throughout your relationship. You might be surprised to find out how much you've impacted the life of your significant other. You both could go back to where you would often date or even look through photos of you as a younger couple. Maybe you could get some laughs in there when you share how bitter you used to be about love before meeting your groom.


2) Marriage Box

This idea has been floating around the internet, and with good reason, it's romantic and will keep you and your groom together for a long time. Write down qualities you love the most about the other person on pieces of paper and place them all in a box. Keep that box intact until your first fight. When that happens, you can smash the box and read all pieces of paper written by the other for you to remember why you love each other. Although this is more beneficial when you both are already married, the act of writing everything you adore about the other can give you all the feelings and remind you why you're taking this step together.


3) A One Day Getaway

Consider this a pre-honeymoon. Book a place far away from all the preparations and the people involved when planning your wedding. Turn off your phones for the whole day and focus on spending the day with each other. You'll be able to get a taste of what it'll be like when you two become husband and wife. You can enjoy the beach together or even have a lazy day in a hotel room. It doesn't matter what both of you do but be sure to do it together. They say that forever starts when you both say I do and what better way prepare for it than quality time with you and your groom.


At the end of all this, you both will be taking a step together to promise each other everlasting love, and that's what matters.


Naniniwala ka na ba sa forever?

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