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How to get along with your Mother-in-Law during Wedding Preps

How to get along with your Mother-in-Law during Wedding Preps


How to get along with your Mother-in-Law during Wedding Preps

By Gaile Carreon


Mothers-in-law. They are the women that the bride must impress if they want any chance of approval. Many like to joke around that they should be called the monsters-in-law instead. Kidding aside, these ladies are people they come to treasure immensely. Because of that, it can be difficult when you both have clashing opinions on wedding preparations. Here's a little guide on how to get friendly with your biyenan with wedding arrangements.


1)  Be open minded with her comments and suggestions

When it comes to planning, you want to choose something that fits the theme of your dream wedding. You and tita might have different opinions on what is best for the occasion, so she might say a few comments that may not sit well with you. Relax! She might just have your best interest on her mind. After all, she's probably done this before. Be attentive and listen to what she has to say instead of fighting her on it. You might end up getting good advice from it too!


2) Ask for her opinion

It may not seem like much, but it will mean a lot to her. She's going to be like a second mother to you, after all. Asking for her opinion means that what she thinks matter to you, the same way your fiancé’s opinion matters to you. She's also one of the people you can trust when you're feeling lost in all the arrangements.


3) Be honest with what you want

One of the possible reasons why you and your mother-in-law don't see eye to eye with plans is that you both have different understandings of your dream wedding. The best thing you can do is be clear about how you envision your wedding with her. If you're aiming for a modern type of wedding, it's best to tell tita that you won't be opting for a classic invitation for your wedding.


4) Quality bonding time is the answer

They say when you spend a lot of time with the person, you tend to think alike. Make quality bonding time with your mother-in-law! It'll help strengthen your relationship with her, and you'll find it easy to understand each other more. Soon enough, it'll become easy for you both to read each other's minds.


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