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Getting to Know Krisitne Yee, the Winner of the P 100,000 Cash Prize of the 2012 edition of Weddings & Debuts Bridal Fair
Getting to Know Krisitne Yee, the Winner of the P 100,000 Cash Prize of the 2012 edition of Weddings & Debuts Bridal Fair
We really felt we will win!  But we couldn't believe it!  

"She is shaking! She is shaking!," blurted Bangs Zaldivar as she held Kristine's hand to help her get up the stage. 

It was February 19, 2012 and host Bangs just announced the winner for the P100,000 cash prize for on the spot bookings at Weddings and Debuts 2012 Bridal Fair held at the same venue,Megatrade Hall 1, 2, & 3, SM Megamall.  

Kristine narrates that she and her fiance were really waiting for the announcement of winners, that's why they stayed on at the Bridal Fair's 3rd day even if they booked  their suppliers on the first day.  They made sure they booked suppliers on Friday, "kasi doble yung number of tickets na makukuha namin," (as part of the promo, all Friday bookings got double the number of tickets than those who booked on Saturday and Sunday).

At the start of the announcement, they were inside a booth near the stage.  When Bangs announced that it was time to announce the winners, they went out of the booth and came nearer the stage.  "She booked with Mango Farm (Kristine’s Venue), “she is from Quezon City".  Her heart was thumping!  She let out a soft shriek when her name was finally called.  "Oh, she's here, she's here!,"  Bangs excitedly announced and invited Kristine to come up the stage. 

As almost all other individuals who join raffles, Kristine felt  she will win, but couldn't believe it when her name was actually called.  And even when Kristine claimed her prize, she said again that she felt she will win it, but couldn't believe it was true! She never won any big prize at any raffle before, the biggest she won was a 2 burner stove, she even narrated in a later interview.  She can not believe it, she actually won the P100,000 grand prize

We interviewed Kristine a few weeks after she claimed her prize, and she graciously shared the things she did which enabled her to win, and her plans on how to use the P 100,000 cash prize she got.  Plus, we also asked for her tips for those who will join the next Weddings & Debuts Bridal Fair P 100,000 raffle, follows is a portion of the interview.

1. How did you learn about the P 100k promo? 

-attended last year's fair [2011] and researched on all upcoming wedding fairs this year 

2. Which and how many suppliers did you book during the 3-day Bridal Fair

-caterer, venue, sound system, coordinator 

3. What days did you book them?

 - every thing on the first day

4. Have you won any raffle before? If yes, where and what was your prize?

- minor raffle only, in our province - department store hourly raffle (2 burner stove) and a fastfood chain raffle (lampshade set)

5. Did you have an idea that you will win?

- we really looked forward to it for months, prayed and claimed that we will win.

6. Aside from booking several suppliers during the Bridal Fair, did you do other things which you think helped in making you win?  e.g. doing some superstitious actions, etc....-- in fact, do you believe in them? (e.g. something like Efren Bata Reyes does not take a bath on the day of a tournament so as not to wash away the luck)

- No superstitious actions actually. we just prayed and hoped and worked on it, together. We studied suppliers well months before the fair, so we would know what to book on that day. we were there from 10am-10pm on the first day as we really enjoyed every minute that we spent that day.

 - my fiance had the idea of folding each coupon before dropping them individually, patiently, carefully and kept on passing by the raffle box displayed on the counter, to check on it, from afar.

7. You attended the announcement of the winners, describe the minutes before the announcement

-Yes we did. My fiance attended the fair for 3 straight days. with me, on the first day, with his guy friends who were also engaged, on the second day and on the third day, we two, again attended the fair, because we wanted to be there during the announcement of winners.

a. where were you? 

- right in front of the stage

b. what were you thinking? 

- we will win the 100k prize

c. what was the first thing that came into your mind when you heard your name 

- When the DTI representative was verifying the coupon chosen for the 100k winner, I was able to lip-read the address as she was reading the coupon. And my heart was really beating fast, when it read my home address. I held my fiance's hand tight as I told him, it was my name, even if the announcement was very slowly done.. The host started the announcement, with the company/supplier we booked, supplier's staff name, the city where I was from, then the village and then my name!

8. What was the first thing you said or did to each other (your fiancee) when you heard your name announced?

- I hurriedly got the camera from my bag, handed it to him so he can take pictures when I go up the stage.  However, he was also really thrilled and wasn't able to take pictures, as his hands were shaking. Eventually, he was also called up the stage to share one of the happiest moments in our relationship.

9. Before winning, were you already imagining what you will do in case you won?  If yes, please describe

- Yes, we planned to use the prize for upgrades.

10. Now that you actually won, are you planning to use your winnings just as you planned before winning, or you are now planning to use it in another way?

- Still as planned. 

11. How do you think winning the P 100k would make your wedding different?

 - Made our dream wedding a reality.  

12. Can you share some tips with the brides-- re attending a bridal fair, joining the promo, and overall preparation for the wedding,  Any other thing you want to share with brides 

- Brides, take time with your grooms to research on the upcoming fairs, study the list of suppliers in every fair, discuss which ones to book and which ones to avoid.  Work together in every decision, enjoy the endless discussions, comparison of every option and coming up with the final choice. Every little and big thing you put into will all be part of the wedding, you both dreamed of.


Make your bookings at Weddings & Debuts 2013 Bridal Fair, and get a chance to win our 2013 edition's P 100,000 Cash Grand Prize!

Per DTI NCR Permit No. 1057 Series of 2012.