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Today's Must Have Prenuptial Shoot

Photo provided by Nice Print Photo

Nowadays, one of the questions friends ask the bride isn’t “Are you having a Prenup?” which before could have actually meant the Prenuptial Agreement or the Prenuptial Shoot.   Today, the question actually goes, “where are you having your prenup?”  This is definite proof that Prenuptial Shoots have become a staple instead of a luxury in today’s wedding preparations.

We interviewed no less than Charisse Tinio, the lady behind one of the most sought after wedding photography studios in our country today for both celebrity and non-celebrity weddings to tell us more about the Prenuptial Shoot.

TWL: The Wedding Library

NP: Charisse Tinio of Nice Print


TWL: When did the prenuptial shoot start to get popularized?

NP: I think this got really popular in the year 2005.

When I first entered this industry, that was about the same time when prenuptial shoots got really popular. Nowadays, this is the norm and every couple wants to have this.  

TWL: What brought about its popularization?

NP: I think social media is a major reason why people want to have prenuptial shoots. People enjoy to post their engagement sessions and these posts become teasers for what's to look forward to, to the wedding day. 

TWL: Describe the prenup shoot of the previous years and today's prenuptial shoots

NP: It used to be very simple and relaxed. But these days, couples go beyond their limits to create spectacular shoots. From hiring set designers, to stylists to dress them up, to shooting abroad or out of town just to have the perfect location for their prenuptial shoot. 


TWL: Compare styles and set designs of prenuptial shoots s then and now

NP: Nowadays, the set designs are more elaborate, and unique. These days, couples tend to be more creative letting their personalities come out in every prenuptial photo. 

TWL: Name and describe 2 of the sweetest, kilig prenup shoots you covered so far

NP: A prenuptial shoot set during the winter. I loved how john Prats and Isabel Oli snuggled over hot chocolate outside their log cabin in the woods during winter time in Big Bear California. 


A prenuptial shoot we shot during a very rainy day. The rain didn't stop our couple from posing and didn't mind to get soaked. It turned out so sweet and romantic, especially how the groom used his jacket to give cover for his bride. :)  

TWL: Name and describe 2 of the most unorthodox prenups you covered so far

NP: 1 was a couple who had their prenuptial shoot in Tagaytay. I loved how different their prenuptial shoot was because they really just wanted a "relax vibe" showing and depicting how they really are as a couple- relaxed, fun, in a picnic setting, playing the guitar and drinking beers.

2nd was a couple who just simply loved the kitchen! 

It was so refreshing to have prenuptial sessions wherein the couple are truly captured in their most favorite setting. This time it was the kitchen- the guy was a chef and the girl a restaurateur. :):) what a fun fun shoot seeing them cook, enjoy, eat and goof around the whole time during the shoot. 

TWL: What are Nice Print's favorite prenup locations locally and abroad

NP: Local: Antipolo, Tagaytay, Subic, Batanes, Boracay, Balesin, Pampanga. 

Abroad: Santorini Greece, Japan, Australia, Paris, San Francisco, Seoul South Korea, Singapore. 


TWL: Any prenup location you still dream of shooting at?

NP: Local: Sagada! El Nido! 

Abroad: South Africa and South America! 


TWL: Your tips for the about-to-be-wed couples re prenuptial shoot


- choose a place that you're both comfortable with example don't choose the beach as your prenup venue if you're both not fond of the sun and sand to begin with. 

- have your trial make up same time as your prenuptial shoot. It's wise and practical.

- have a stylist or friend who has sense of style help you in picking out clothes to wear. It's important that the clothes you wear are mixed and matched well.

- do not wear heavy make up during the prenuptial shoot. Less is more.

- as much as possible, have your prenuptial shoot during dry months or summer time. It's very challenging to do a nice shoot during rainy season. You may opt to do studio shoot instead of doing it outdoor risking the weather disturbances.


TWL: What is Nice Print's edge in Prenuptial Shoots

NP: Our edge is that we always always evolve! We listen to our clients and we always give the best output and the best service possible!

We are flexible too! We can fly wherever in the world as long as clients would want us to shoot in their hometown or dream destination!


Check why Nice Print Photo is one of the busiest photographers chosen by both celebrities and non-celebrities alike for both prenups and weddings by visiting their booth at The Wedding Library’s Weddings & Debuts 2017 Bridal Fair, February 17, 18, & 19, 2017, Megatrade Halls 1, 2, & 3, SM Megamall.

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