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With the abundance of bridal fairs, why join Weddings & Debuts Bridal Fair?
1. One of the country's biggest
75-80% of our attendees are pre-registered.  We also have a P 60 person entrance fee for non-pre-registered guests. These assure our  exhibitors that attendees are predominantly about-to-be-wed couples who will make bookings
2. Three-day Bridal Fair
Investment for a bridal fair set-up (physical set-up, props, etc....)  is usually worth thousands, and effort for Ingress and Egress is no joke.  Our three-days duration enables you to "feel" your set-up before you pack it up.
This also means more couples coming in.  Ask some of our exhibitors!  A number of them already get their investments worth as early as the first day, Friday!  Thus, giving them 2 more days to enjoy profit.
3. Very convenient location at Megamall
Assures exhibitors of thousands of about-to-be-wed couples because of our location being convenient for our about-to-be-wed couples and other celebrators to visit.
The site is also very convenient for our exhibitors.  
Affords our exhibitors a lot of convenience especially during ingress.  Ace Hardware, numerous cloth stores, and almost anything more you need are within the building. 
First-time exhibitors who run out of brochures or leaflets and are overwhelmed with the volume of our attendees find the photocopying and printing shop just beside the venue very convenient. 
A wide choice of affordable meals are available to the exhibitors and their employees inside the mall.  Of course, with most of our exhibitors busy accomodating clients the whole 3 days, some opt for delivery services from restaurants within Mega.
4.  Pioneer in giving due importance to our exhibitor employees who work hard to clinch the deal
We know that through the hard work and persistent efforts of our exhibitor employees can we ensure that our Bridal Fair will be successful.  Thus, we are the pioneer in giving due credit to our hardworking exhibitor employees in the form of cash incentives to exhibitor employees who "bring it".
Does the Organizer of Weddings & Debuts Bridal Fair distribute the database collected to its exhibitors?
We value our clients' privacy.
Thus, we do not  give out a list of our attendees to our exhibitors.  Exhibitors are free to have attendees sign on their own guiestbook for future follow-up.
As we have thousands of about-to-be-wed attendees, you will get a sizable number of leads from visitors at your booth.
What is included when we become an exhibitor to Weddings & Debuts Bridal Fair?
Payment of booth entitles you to a raw booth space with carpet and 1 socket. 
We also have about 200 led lights we lend free-of-charge to exhibitors on a first come, first serve basis
What do we have to bring to the Bridal Fair?  Do we have to bring our own booth partitions?
As different from bazaars or other non-wedding expositions, wedding fairs are usually more flexible and open to creativity.  You need not bring booth partitions, but may opt to do so if you are more comfortable with it.  All back sides of any partitions or other structure should be painted or finished unless it will be a back partition for an against-the-wall booth.
Anything more than 8 ft may not fit some portions of Megatrade. 
You may want to bring your own cloths for cover in case you are bothered by the back or side wall of the exhibitor next to you.
Tables, chairs, and extension wires must be brought in by the exhibitor.